Trip Report: Etihad Airways (B777-300ER) Business MUC-AUH

The Details

  • Flight: EY6
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER
  • Class: Business
  • Seat: 13E and 13F
  • Route: Munich (MUC)-Abu Dhabi International (AUH)
  • Distance: 4,585 miles
  • Duration: 6hrs
  • Departure: 10:52AM
  • Arrival: 7:35PM

The Preflight

After arriving on our flight from CLT at 06:30 in the morning at Terminal 1; we had four hours until our next flight departed from Terminal 2 at Munich International Airport. The entire transfer process was sterile and there was an airport shuttle bus that directly linked Terminal 1 and 2.

Etihad Airways partners with Lufthansa so we had access to the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at MUC. It was fairly basic but my SO and I both had a chance to shower and freshen up.

Boarding began promptly at 9:45AM. We boarded in Group 2 after First Class.

Our bird A6-ETO was delivered to Etihad in 2013 and was only six years old.

Etihad B777-300ER

The Flight

Etihad has three versions of the B777-300ER and the version we had featured eight first class seats, 40 business class seats, and 282 economy seats.

The 40 business class seats were arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. The seats are Stelia Solstys seats which I experienced before on Iberia’s A330s. We picked a pair of seats in the middle rows to be closer to one another.


The IFE screen was fixed into the seat in front. There was a spacious footwell below it.

IFE Screen

Below the foot well was a medium sized storage area perfect for shoes.


Next to the seat, was a desk area that had a bottle holder, reading light, literature pocket, and small storage area.

Seat Storage

Below was the IFE control and seat controls.

IFE Remote and Seat Control

To the right of IFE screen was the tray table and a coat hook.

Coat Hook

The tray table was fairly large and sturdy. Unfortunately, if it was folded down I was unable to get out of the seat.

Tray Table

Below was another thin literature pocket, USB port, and 110V outlet.

USB, Outlet

Awaiting us at our seats was a silky smooth pillow in addition to a packaged blanket. The blanket was nice and heavy.


Amenity kit were provided on this flight as well. There was a dental kit, eye mask, vial of cologne, and a small Acqua Di Parma hand lotion.

Amenity Kit

Noise cancelling headphones were also provided. These were inferior to my own pair of Bose headphones.


Upon boarding we were offered a predeparture beverage from a tray. Options included a Lemon and Mint juice, sparkling water, or still water. Warm towels were also handed out.

Lemon Mint Juice

Menus were also placed at our seats. Etihad has a dine-on-demand service which meant we could have anything on the menu anytime during the flight.

We pushed back on time at 10:45AM for the six hour flight down to Abu Dhabi.

Flight Map

To my knowledge, Etihad is one of the few airlines that installed both forward and downward facing cameras on the B777-300ER.

It was awesome to get a forward facing take-off view.

Forward Camera

And also to get a downward facing camera view after takeoff.

Downward Camera

Once we reached 10,000 as signaled by the double chime, flight attendants came through the cabin to hand out bottled water.

Bottled Water

Service began with a beverage service. I had a glass of water served with a small ramekin of cold mixed nuts.

Mixed Nuts

The flight attendant suggested I try the Bellini which I happily tasted. It was very sweet.


To start I had the Arabic Mezze. It was served cold including a cold pita and savory puff pastry. Definitely not as good as Qatar Airway’s Arabic mezze.

Arabic Mezze

While I had elected to eat my meal immediately after take-off, the service was quite slow. I ended up being served my main halfway through the flight with about three hours to go. Flight attendants started from the very front of the cabin and made their way backwards, individually serving each passenger row by row.

The lamb kabsa was flavorful and topped with fried onions and cardamom. However, it was also cold (possibly due to the slow service) and the fried onions had become soggy.

Lamb Kabsa

The flight attendants turned on the mood lighting during the flight. I managed to dose off for about an hour after finishing my meal.

Mood Lighting

With 45 minutes until landing; the cabin lights were turned on and the crew came through to prepare for landing.


It was a treat to watch the entire landing approach on the forward camera. Enjoy!


We deplaned quickly and were through to customs in no time. Thanks for the ride!


This was a perfectly fine business class flight from Germany to the UAE. While I appreciated the concept of “dine-on-demand”, on this flight it back fired and I got some cold, disappointing food due to the extremely slow service. I was a fan of the cameras that Etihad and installed and liked the Solstys seat.

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