Trip Report: American Airlines (A330-200) Business CLT-MUC

The Details

  • Flight: AA716
  • Aircraft: A330-200
  • Class: Business
  • Seat: 3A and 4A
  • Route: Charlotte Douglas International (CLT)-Munich (MUC)
  • Distance: 4,573 miles
  • Duration: 8hrs 45min
  • Departure: 3:59PM
  • Arrival: 6:09AM

The Preflight

Because our previous flight was delayed by almost two hours, what was originally a two hour thirty minute layover turned into a fifty minute layover in Charlotte. We quickly made our way to the Admirals Club to grab some water bottles and I managed to snap a picture of our bird at the gate.

American Airlines A330-200

Boarding began at 2:55PM and by the time we made it to the gate, general boarding had already began. Gate agents were scanning boarding passes and checking passports.

Our legacy US Airways A330-200, registration N286AY, was delivered back in 2013 making her almost seven years old.


The Flight

Americans A330-200s feature 20 business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. These seats are the old US Airways Zodiac Cirrus Envoy Suites, which were the first reverse herringbone seats installed in the world.

Envoy Suite
Envoy Suite

There was ample storage below the foot well for my shoes.

Foot Well

The IFE screen flipped out from the seat in front. It was fairly dated but serviceable.

IFE Screen

There was a small tray table that popped out from the left armrest.

Tray Table

Each seat featured a USB port, 110V outlet, and a three-prong headphone jack.

IFE Control, Power Port

The seat controls were on the left side above the arm rest. There was also a small compartment just the right size for a passport and a phone.

Seat Control

The armrest on the aisle side could be raised or lowered. There was also a water bottle holder.


There was also a literature pocket on the floor in front of the seat.

Literature Pocket

Awaiting us at our seats were a pair of noise-cancelling Bang & Olufsen headphones. While nice, I still preferred my own pair of QC35’s.


The amenity kit was stocked with the usual contents. My SO did not like the Allies of Skin hand cream scent.

Amenity Kit

Both the Casper branded pillow and duvet were waiting for us at the seat in plastic wrapping. I really enjoyed the large plush pillow.

Casper Bedding

The duvet was a bit stiff and rough but comfortable enough. With the air nozzles above both blowing hard I was very cozy under the sheets.

Casper Bedding

Just like the flight attendants on our previous flight from ORD-CLT; the flight attendants on this flight were superb. The purser Anne was very welcoming and doted on my SO and I.

Pre-departure beverages were offered from a tray. Options included water, orange juice, sparkling wine, or a Heineken.

Sparkling Wine

Anne the lovely purser then came by with the menus once we were situated.

Food Menu

Our orders were taken about 15 minutes later.

We pushed back on time and had a smooth takeoff.

It was a beautiful day without a single cloud in the sky. We had clear views of downtown Charlotte.

Downtown Charlotte

Service began promptly after takeoff. Anne first came down our row with water bottles.

Water Bottle

Delicious warmed mixed nuts and a glass of champagne followed.

Warmed Nuts and Champagne

Dinner service began just as the sun was setting.


There was only one choice of appetizer and salad on this flight. Both were served on a tray together. The shrimp was described as “Cajun grilled” served over broccoli slaw with a harissa aioli. It was actually pretty good and the aioli had a nice kick to it.

A bread basket was also brought out and I had the excellent pretzel bread.

Shrimp and Salad Appetizer

For the main plate I had the braised short rib with morel jus. It was unfortunately cooked beyond well done. The asparagus and sweet potatoes were tender. By this time all of the pretzel bread rolls where finished and I switched to sourdough.

Braised Short Rib

Anne made her way through the cabin and generously topped off my glass of champagne.


To finish, I had a delicious ice cream sundae topped with hot fudge, butterscotch, and pecans.

Traditional Ice Cream Sundae

After the meal service flight attendants set up a snack area in the galley. There was an assortment of fresh fruit, raw vegetables, chicken wraps, ham sandwiches, and hard-boiled egg bowls.

Mid-flight snacks

There was also a snack basket filled with the same offerings as on domestic flights.

Snack Basket

The rest of the flight was uneventful. Flight attendants made two passes through the cabin offering water for the passengers.

With 90 minutes until landing in Munich, breakfast was served. I had the three cheese and poblano pepper omelet with chicken sausages and roasted potatoes. The omelet itself was OK, very greasy and cheesy on the inside. The chicken sausages were good.


It was still pitch black outside as we made our approach and landing.

Unfortunately, we arrived at a remote stand at Munich. Flight attendants allowed all business class passengers to disembark first. We were bid farewell by the flight attendants and made our way to the buses.

Remote Stand

We had a 10 minute bus ride to the terminal where we connected onto our next flight to Abu Dhabi..

AA A330-200

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the business class product American Airlines offers. I had admittedly come in with low expectations and the entire experience exceeded them. The seat was very comfortable, the food was great, and the flight attendants phenomenal. I would happily fly American Airlines long-haul Flagship Business again.

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