Trip Report: JetBlue Airways (A220-300) Even More Space BOS-ORD

The Details

  • Flight: B6811
  • Aircraft: A220-300
  • Class: Even More Space
  • Seat: 1A and 1C
  • Route: Boston Logan (BOS)-Chicago O’Hare (ORD)
  • Distance: 922miles
  • Duration: 2hrs 4min
  • Departure: 4:45PM
  • Arrival: 5:49PM

The Preflight

After arriving in Boston on the British Airways A380, we had only 45 minutes to clear custom and make our way to the gate for boarding due to the hour long delay departing London. I was a bit nervous since these were two separate tickets on separate reservations.

We got to the gate in Terminal E at 2:45PM and then quickly cleared the border thanks to Global Entry. Since JetBlue departed from Terminal C, we walked for about 10 minutes from E to C to check-in. There was no line to check-in and no line for TSA Pre-check either. Within 30 minutes of landing, we had made it to gate C11 for our next flight.

It turned that the inbound flight from Florida was delayed. Boarding was scheduled for 3:20PM but the aircraft did not arrive until half past three.

Once the previous passengers disembarked and the cleaners cleared the aircraft, we began boarding at 3:59PM. Our A220-300 today, registration N3023J, was delivered brand new to JetBlue in April 2021.

The Flight

JetBlue offers a total of 140 seats on board their A220-300s arranged in a 2-3 configuration. There are a total of six rows of Even More Space seats which have 35″ of pitch compared to the standard 32″ at regular seats. My fiance and I were in seats 1A and 1C. I was excited as this was my first time onboard a A220-300. It was also my first time flying with JetBlue so I was eager to try their onboard experience.

The Collins Aerospace Meridian seats were 18 inches wide and had excellent padding. Each seat also had a four-way adjustable headrest.

Seats A and C had a small foot cubby in the bulkhead to give us additional legroom. The IFE screen was built into the bulkhead and there was also two small storage pockets. While the seat themselves were really nice, I found them incredibly dirty. Probably due to the delyed arrival, the seats had trash in the seat pockets and crumbs all over the floor.

The 10.1″ IFE touchscreen was responsive and high definition. There was also a built in USB port as well. JetBlue had an extensive IFE selection including numerous new release movies and TV shows. It was also Bluetooth capable to connect to our personal devices.

The bifold tray table was stored in the armrest.

Each seat also had a USB port and 110V outlet.

We pushed back at 4:29PM, 36 minutes late but the captain assured us that we would make up time when in the air. The taxi to runway nine took 15 minutes and soon we were off towards Chicago.

JetBlue offers an impressive array of complimentary snacks and beverage onboard. Service began 30minutes into the flight with a beverage service and I had a Blood Mary. The snack cart followed and options included Cheez-Its, plantain chips, pretzels, and cookies. There was also a buy-on-board menu with snack boxes.

There was a medium-sized lavatory at the front of the cabin. Much bigger and nicer than lavatories on A320s or B737s in my opinion.

We began our descent at 5:36PM and flight attendants came through the cabin to collect trash. It was a relatively cloudy day in Chicago and had hazy views of downtown on our approach into O’Hare.

Our flight landed at 5:50PM, seven minutes earlier than the scheduled time thanks to generous schedule padding. The taxi to gate G2 took 11 minutes and soon we were on our way home. Thanks for the ride!

I enjoyed the JetBlue A220-300 experience. The seats were nice, IFE industry leading, and snacks unique. Althought the departure was delayed, we still arrived on time. I would definitly choose to fly with JetBlue again.

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