Trip Report: Lufthansa (A320) Euro Business FRA-PRG

The Details

  • Flight: LH1394
  • Aircraft: A320
  • Class: Euro Business
  • Seat: 5D and 5F
  • Route: Frankfurt Main (FRA)-Valcav Havel Prague (PRG)
  • Distance: 299 miles
  • Flight Time: 43min
  • Departure: 10:31AM
  • Arrival: 11:14AM

After arriving from Chicago onboard LH431, we had a three-and-a-half-hour layover in Frankfurt before our morning flight to Prague. Thankfully, we did not have to collect our bags and the checked luggage was checked all the way through to our final destination. We made our way from Terminal A Gate 25 where we arrived in the Schengen passport control area. After a quick glance at our passports and CDC vaccinations cards (no check on our PCR test result), the border control officer waved us through without much hassle.

We then headed toward the Lufthansa Senator Lounge A Schengen. At the door, the lounge attendants were checking vaccination or test results for access. Passengers either had to be vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19 or have a negative PCR test within 24 hours to access the lounge.

Breakfast offerings included a robust amount of pretzels and bread rolls.

There were also cold slices of ham and cheese.

Snacks included various chips, candy, and nuts.

Hot options included scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and croissants.

Fresh fruit and overnight oats were available as well.

There was beer on tap, hard liquor, as well as various wines. In addition, there were large bottles of communal water, sparkling water, Coke Zero, and juice.

There were Lavazza espresso machines scattered throughout the lounge as well.

I also had the chance to use the showers in the lounge. I signed up at the shower attendant desk and had about a 10-minute wait before a shower room became available. Large bottles of L’occitane shampoo and conditioner were built into the wall of the shower.

With 10 minutes until boarding was scheduled to begin, we left the lounge and made our way to Gate A1. Although boarding was scheduled to begin at 9:30, it did not start until 9:50.

Our flight today was originally scheduled to be on a newer A320neo but at the last minute was swapped to an older A320-200, registration D-AIWJ. She was still fairly new, delivered 2.5 years ago with 180 seats.

The Flight

Business-class was the standard European style with a blocked middle seat. There were five rows of business class on our flight today.

Each seat was 18″ wide and offered 30″ of pitch. The seats were incredibly thin and rock hard. American and Delta’s newest economy seats are better than these…

The seatback had a literature pocket, tray table, and mesh pocket.

There were also two USB ports at the seat but no outlets. That napkin was left there by the previous passenger…

Upon boarding, each passenger was handed a disinfecting wipe.

The boarding doors were closed at 10:08 but we sat at the gate for another 15 minutes before finally pushing back. We were not entirely sure what was going on but there was a lot of police activity around the baggage carts prior to them being loaded. During our taxi to runway 18 we passed by a magnificent B747-400.

We finally took off at 10:31AM and climbed eastward towards the Czech Republic.

Breakfast was served immediately once we reached cruising altitude. There was a single option of smoked salmon with a yogurt dessert.

While small, the entire breakfast was delicious. The salmon was fatty and the beetroot potato terrine very fresh.

A beverage service followed breakfast. I had a black coffee and a glass of still water. The flight attendants then passed through the cabin with a cardboard box full of apples. I must say the apples were really dirty and bruised…

As we neared Prague, I used the forward lavatory. It was generic and indistinguishable from the many other airline lavatories I’ve used.

Just 33 minutes after taking off from Frankfurt, we began our descent into Prague. We landed 10 minutes later on runway 24 at 11:14AM.

The airport was eerily empty and after a five-minute taxi, we arrived at gate C9. Thanks for the ride!

We quickly made our way to the baggage claim area and once we collected our bags, passed through a COVID-19 inspection. The officials checked our Czech entry forms and waved us through.

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