Trip Report: Qatar Airways (B777-300ER) QSuite (Business) MLE-DOH

The Details

  • Flight: QR677
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER
  • Class: Business (QSuite)
  • Seat: 5E and 5F
  • Route: Male Velana International (MLE)-Doha Hamad International (DOH)
  • Distance: 2,106miles
  • Flight Time: 4hrs 3min
  • Departure: 7:21PM
  • Arrival: 9:38PM

The Preflight

After arriving from the seaplane terminal via bus, our W Maldives representative personally escorted us through security (which also scanned our Health Declaration forms) to the Qatar Airways check-in counters. We actually got to the check-in counters at 4PM, but the counters didn’t open until 4:45PM. For those 45 minutes, our representative actually waited with us the entire time.

Once the check-in counters opened, the agent verified our negative COVID-19 test, Qatar Airways attestation form, and CDC form. Our bags were checked through to Dallas-Fort Worth, and our boarding passes were printed.

Our W Maldives escort then guided us towards to escalators up to the immigration checkpoint and bid us farewell. We made our way up to the immigration area which was relatively empty. They re-scanned our Health Declaration Departure and then stamped our passports and boarding pass. Security was fast and we were airside in 10 minutes.

Qatar Airways and the vast majority of other airlines give their business class passengers access to the Leeli Lounge which is the only lounge in the international terminal. Access could also be purchased for $35USD per person at the door.

The lounge offered a large amount of individual sofas in three large seating areas. Some had power ports for charging devices.

There was also a self-serve buffet area and the menu was provided on a screen at the entrance. All passengers had to hand sanitize before entering.

Drink options included Coke products, water, sparkling water, and tonic water. There were also salad, cake, and yogurt in the refrigerator.

Next to the fridge was a self-serve espresso machine. There was also tea but the hot water dispenser was out of service.

There was also some fresh juice. Of note, no alcohol was available in the lounge.

Other cold food options included pre-sliced fruit.

Hot food items included rice, stir-fried noodles, Thai beef curry, and carrots. There was also a cream of chicken soup.

Additional snacks included sandwiches, brownies, pound cake, candy, cookies, and bread.

There was also fresh fruit, egg quiche, and croissants.

The lounge also offered cup noodles.

We spent a total of 90 minutes in the lounge and a boarding announcement was made in the lounge for our flight. The gate area was located a floor below the main terminal area and all gates led to busses.

Business class passengers had a dedicated bus and the bus left after about five minutes.

Boarding was done via two separate air stairs. Since we were located in the forward cabin, we took the one leading to door 1L.

Our B777-300ER, registration A7-BAI, was one of 48 B77Ws in the Qatar Airways fleet. She was leased from Taqa Leasing and delivered brand new in October 2008.

The Flight

Luckily for us, our B77W today was equipped with Qatar Airways’ award-winning QSuites business class seat. We had flown the previous generation B/E Minipod B77Ws two years earlier from Colombo to Doha. There are two configurations of the B777-300ERs equipped with QSuites; one has 24 QSuites and 388 economy seats while the other has 42 QSuites and 312 economy seats. Ours was the latter with 42 QSuites spread over two cabins.

Our QSuites were 5E and 5F (true honeymoon seats) located in the center of the forward business class cabin. The center divider was initially raised but was lowered by the flight attendants once we got to our seats.

Each QSuite offers 79 inches of pitch and a seat width of 21.5 inches. The seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration that alternates between forward and backward facing as well as closer to the aisle or window. Even-numbered seats are forward-facing but are closer to the aisle. Odd-numbered seats are rear-facing but closer to the window (or the center).

Our double QSuite was enormous. This is by far the best arrangement for couples as we had unrestricted access to each other.

The legroom was very generous and I had more than enough space to stretch out without feeling restricted.

At each seat was a massive touchscreen inflight entertainment screen. It was fast, responsive, and high quality.

Directly below the IFE screen was the very large and sturdy bi-fold tray table.

The footwell was below the tray table and was able to accommodate my size 11 feet. It was also wide enough for me to comfortably lie supine. What I did not like was that the tray table directly took away space from the footwell.

Adjacent to the IFE screen was a counter top, shelf, and seat controls. The doors to the QSuite were locked for boarding, taxi, and takeoff.

The countertop was large enough to accommodate all of the amenities that Qatar Airways provided.

Below the counter was a small shelf where the menus were placed. Below the shelf were buttons that controlled the “Do Not Disturb” light and overhead reading light. Seat controls included options for recline, lumbar support, massage, and forward-backward movement. There were preset buttons for takeoff, dining, lounging, and sleeping.

Below the seat controls were the IFE remote with a second screen, universal power outlet, two USB ports, headphone jack, HDMI port, and contactless payment pad.

The seat padding was very comfortable and had a cushy headrest.

Next to the headrest was a small reading lamp and coat hook.

While there was no true armrest but there was a storage bin with a leather cushion top.

Inside the storage compartment was a water bottle holder, headphone bin, thin deep bin, shallow bin, and wide deep bin.

Immediately upon boarding and taking our seats, the flight attendants came by to ask us what we would like to drink. Options included either water (still/sparkling), orange juice, champagne, or mint tea. A packaged refreshing towel was provided in place of the usual warm/cold towels.

Due to COVID-19, Qatar Airways also provided a protective kit which included a face mask, gloves, and sanitizing gel.

There was also a small amenity kit that included socks, eye mask, and lip balm. Qatar Airways does offer a more substantial amenity kit on their longer duration flights.

There was also a pair of noise-cancelling headphones which were OK.

A bottle of water was also waiting at the seat.

There was also a comfortable pillow at the seat.

A very warm blanket was also provided wrapped in plastic.

Boarding was completed just 23 minutes after we boarded the plane. The business class cabin was almost 100% full while economy had maybe just 20 or so passengers. We pushed back at 7:21PM and during the taxi to the runway, our meal orders were taken.

At 7:35PM we took off of runway 36 bound for Doha.

I was able to both watch the airshow on the IFE remote while also browsing the main screen.

15 minutes after takeoff, the purser came by to personally introduce herself and unlock the QSuite doors. Next, our flight attendant came by with a glass of the Gosset Brut Grand Rose and a ramekin of warmed nuts. Boy, have I missed warmed nuts on flights…

The main meal service started 30 minutes after I finished the nuts, a bit delayed possibly due to the large size of the business class cabin. To start, I had a bowl of the delicious tomato soup. It was served on a tray along with packaged warmed bread and some butter.

For my main, I went with the king prawns with asparagus, potatoes, cherry tomato in a dill cream sauce. It was tasty but very heavy.

My significant other had the excellent chicken biryani with raita. It was delicious.

For dessert, we both had the chocolate mousse with golden pearls.

The entire meal service was completed in 40 minutes and we still had about two hours and 30 minutes until landing. I browsed the Oryx One entertainment system a bit before deciding to try and get some sleep.

Just before trying to take a nap, I went to use one of the forward lavatories. There are two directly behind the cockpit and two more in between the business class cabins.

The lavatory was massive and very nicely designed.

Amenities included shaving kits, dental kits, soap, and lotion.

Once I got back to my seat I made my bed and got ready to nap. Unfortunately, Qatar Airways does not provide turn down service, pajamas, or a mattress pad on their shorter flights.

The footwell did not feel very restrictive at all.

We both closed our doors and managed to get an hour of napping. Thanks to the high walls and thick door provided a great amount of privacy for us in the suite.

As we neared Doha, the flight crew came by and passed out nice Godiva chocolates.

We began our descent around 11:20PM and 17 minutes later we landed in Doha.

The taxi to the gate took about seven minutes. Luckily, we were at a real gate rather than a bus gate and soon we were off to security for our next flight to Dallas.

Thanks for the ride!

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