Trip Report: American Airlines (A320) Domestic First DFW-IND

The Details

  • Flight: AA822
  • Aircraft: A320
  • Class: Domestic First
  • Seat: 3A
  • Route: Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW)-Indianapolis (IND)
  • Distance: 868miles
  • Flight Time: 1hr 45min
  • Departure: 6:14PM
  • Landing: 9:08PM

The Preflight

After arriving on my flight from Orlando, I was supposed to have just an hour layover before my flight home to Indianapolis. However, due to severe thunderstorms in the area, my flight had been delayed by an hour and a half. I spent the majority of the time sitting in the terminal plane spotting and managed to catch our A320 just as she pulled into the gate.

Our A320 today, registration N660AW, was a 21-year-old aircraft that was originally delivered brand new to America West Airlines in June 2000. She was then transferred to US Airways in 2007 and then finally to American Airlines in April 2015.

Boarding began at 4:48PM for a new departure time of 5:10PM. I had little faith we would push back on time…

The Flight

American Airlines offers 12 Domestic First seats onboard their A320s arranged in a 2-2 configuration over three rows. I was seated in the last row just ahead of the bulkhead.

Each seat is 21 inches wide and offers a pitiful 36 inches of pitch. I definitely felt cramped in this seat compared to other Domestic First seats including ones in the AA fleet.

While better than economy, this was probably the worst Domestic First seat I have experienced. The seatback only had a literature pocket.

The legroom was tight and my backpack barely fit into the space.

The center console was sparse.

Below was a headphone jack and non-operative music station control.

Beneath the center armrest was a small storage space.

Each seat did have a USB port and 110V outlet in front of the center armrest.

The left armrest had a recline button and also served as storage for the tray table.

The tray table was a simple bi-fold design but was very sturdy.

Upon boarding, each passenger was given a small sanitizing wipe. Boarding took about 25 minutes and by 5:14PM the doors were closed.

We then sat at the gate for 30 minutes with no update from either the flight attendants or the flight crew. Finally, at 5:45PM we pushed back from the gate.

As we taxied towards runway 17R, the captain came over the intercom and announced that we would have another 15-20 minutes before it was our turn to take-off. The take-off line was indeed very long.

That 15-20 minutes turned into 40 minutes and finally at 6:23PM (an hour and 10 minutes after boarding doors closed) we finally took off.

On the climb out, we had great views of Dallas Love Field.

Once we reached cruising altitude, I loaded the AA app on my tablet. For some reason, both the free entertainment and live TV were not working on my tablet today.

Service began 20 minutes after takeoff with a beverage service. The only snack options included the economy snack mix.

The rest of the flight passed by quickly with smooth skies.

As we neared Indy, I went to use the forward lavatory. It had CO Bigelow branded soap which was nice.

We began our descent into Indianapolis at 8:43PM with the sun below the horizon.

I had a great view of Indianapolis Airport and its three runways.

We looped around downtown Indianapolis and had amazing ariel views of Salesforce Tower, Lucas Oil Stadium, and the medical district (Riley Hospital, Eskenazi Hospital, and the VA Hospital).

At 9:07PM we landed about an hour and twenty minutes late. The taxi to gate B7 took about seven minutes. Thanks for the ride!

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