Trip Report: American Airlines (B737-800) Domestic First BOS-ORD

The Details

  • Flight: AA1287
  • Aircraft: B737-800
  • Class: Domestic First
  • Seat: 4A and 4B
  • Route: Boston Logan International (BOS)-Chicago O’Hare International (ORD)
  • Distance: 865 miles
  • Duration: 2hrs 49min
  • Departure: 12:19PM
  • Arrival: 2:07PM

The Preflight

After arriving from LHR the day before and spending a night at the Hyatt Regency Boston, we were finally on the last leg of the journey home to Chicago.

American Airlines departs from Terminal B at Boston Logan International Airport. There was a very nice Admirals Club.

Our flight departed at noon so we arrived in time for breakfast. I enjoyed the breakfast taco bar with scrambled eggs, bacon, and corn salsa. My SO had some granola and fruit.

Admirals Club Breakfast

Ironically, the lounge had great views of the Air Canada and Delta gates. I was surprised at just how many Air Canada flights there were.

E175LR Pushing Back
Dash 8

We made our way to the gate for an on time boarding from Gate B11 at 11:37AM. Next door was another AA B737-800.


Our bird 19 year old bird, N955AN, was delivered to American Airlines in August 2001.

The Flight

American has 16 Domestic First class seats aboard their B737s. There are three distinct sub-fleets of 737s in the AA fleet; “Classic”, “Enhanced”, and “Oasis”. Retrofitted “Oasis” planes feature Americans newest Domestic First class seat with 37″ of pitch and 21″ of width. The older “Classic” non-retrofit planes have 40-41 inches of pitch and 20 inches of width. This aircraft was a “Classic” AA B737.

There was a small blanket at each seat.

Seat 4A

Within the two older non-retrofit B737 sub-fleets (“Classic” and “Enhanced”), planes delivered before Dec 2013 (like today’s plane) do not have seat back AVOD. The B737s delivered after Dec 2013 (“Enhanced”) do have AVOD at each seat.


Each seat had a 110V outlet.

110V Outlet

Shared between the seats was a small cocktail tray.

Drink Holder

There was a bi-fold tray table with a dedicated cup spot.

Tray Table

When folded out completely; the tray table was massive. This is in contrast to the pitifully small tray tables aboard American’s LUS A321s.

Tray Table

All of the in-flight entertainment was available on a personal device.

IFE Entertainment

We had a great crew on this flight who were super friendly. Pre-departure beverages were offered and I had a Bloody Mary.


We pushed back on-time and had some nice views of Terminal B.

American B737-800

15 minutes after take-off flight attendants came through with a beverage service. I had another Bloody Mary and my SO had a glass of orange juice.

Beverage Service

A ramekin of warmed nuts followed.

Warmed Nuts
Cloud Surfing

Lunch was served on this flight. My SO had a salad. The chicken was rather sad looking and extremely bland.


I had pre-ordered the Zoe’s Charcuterie plate. Normally, it is served with pita chips but apparently catering forgot to load them… so I was given Fritos instead. The hummus was pretty good.

Zoes Charcuterie Plate

Warmed gooey chocolate chip cookies were handed out for dessert.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

I also had a cup of black coffee.


The remainder of the flight was uneventful and mostly had views of clouds.

Cruising above Lake Michigan

It was a cloudy day in Chicago and had some gray views of Chicagoland on our approach to runway 27L.

We landed about 10 minutes early and taxied for another 15 minutes.

United B767

Thanks for the flight!


This flight was another standard Domestic First trip with American Airlines. We got predeparture beverages which was nice and I always appreciate a warm chocolate chip cookies. Until next time AA!

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