Trip Report: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (E190) Euro Business AMS-BHD

The Details

  • Flight: KL947
  • Aircraft: E190
  • Class: Euro Business
  • Seat: 1A and 1C
  • Route: Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)-George Best Belfast City (BHD)
  • Distance: 466 miles
  • Duration: 1hr 17min
  • Departure: 12:20PM
  • Arrival: 12:28PM

The Preflight

After arriving from Chicago aboard the KLM B747, my SO and I had five hours until our final flight to Northern Ireland. We headed towards the KLM Non-Schengen Crown Lounge which was currently being renovated. There was a good amount of seating and a variety of breakfast foods.

Both my SO and I decided to take a shower and which had a line that lasted for 30 minutes. We left the lounge 20 minutes before boarding was scheduled to begin at 11:30AM. Our gate was a bus gate and all passengers were loaded onto a single bus. The perk of priority boarding was that we got to spend more time in the freezing bus waiting for all the economy passengers.

Our Embraer E190, registration PH-EZV, was leased from Tlc Rosemary Ltd to KLM Cityhopper in April 2012.

The Flight

Europe Business aboard KLM can be described as a glorified economy seat with a meal. The seats are standard economy seats in a 2-2 configuration. No seats are blocked and you will have a seat partner if you are in the window seat. My SO was seated in 1A and I in 1C. There are a total of 100 slimline seats onboard.

Since the “business” and economy class seats are identical, KLM can adjust the size of the business class cabin simply by moving a small cloth divider. There were only two rows of Europe Business on this flight with a total of four other passengers. I found the seats to be very uncomfortable and worn down.

Each seat was 17″ wide but our bulkhead seats were slightly narrower due to the tray table stored in the armrest. Pitch was 32″ but slightly less at the bulkhead. The literature pocket was directly in the wall in front.

No predeparture beverages were offered. Boarding was completed at 12:19 and we had a very quick taxi to the runway. Soon we were rotating out of AMS with views of the English Channel.

Service began 15 minutes after takeoff with a small breakfast box. The flight had been incorrectly catered and had breakfast despite the noon departure time. Contents included fruit, yogurt, boiled egg slices, ham, roast beef, cheese, and granola. I did like the “design” of the box which kept had KLM china theme.

A round of beverages was offered I had had a cup of black coffee served in a beautiful china mug along with a glass of water.

Britain disappeared under the clouds for the remainder of our flight an soon we began our descent across the Irish Sea.

On approach into Belfast, we had some stunning views of the Northern Ireland country side.

We landed at 12:28PM local time and deplaned via air stairs. Customs took just five minutes and soon we were on our way to the Titanic Hotel.

In summary, Europe Business was sub-par compared to what legacy US carriers offer on their E190/E195s. The standard economy seats with a breakfast box should not be in my opinion called “Business” class.

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